How do I compile the X11R5 xterm in Sol 2.3?

How do I compile the X11R5 xterm in Sol 2.3?

Post by IR » Thu, 13 Jan 1994 03:39:20


        Linux has a great color ls utility which can be used in conjunction
with a color xterm to do nice highlighting of directory listings. I would like
to be able to reproduce this on my LX running Solaris 2.3 (also on another LX
running 4.1.3C, but that's a whole other can of worms). I've downloaded the
GNU version of ls (from the fileutils collection), applied the Linux color
patches, and compiled it successfully. It appears to work properly (it outputs
all the right ANSI color escape codes).

        However, trying to compile the xterm source (from in
/pub/R5untarred/mit/clients/xterm with colour-xterm-R5-patch.gx in /contrib)
has driven me nuts. If I just do an xmkmf (SVR4 and various other Solaris-ish
type flags get set), main.c complains about "ws" being undefined. If I hard
define it, things compile, but it doesn't work very well (no color is
displayed, the number of rows/cols are not set properly, etc.) There are also
a few warnings about arguments to select() not being right in a couple of
other modules. (I have the same trouble on the raw xterm source, so I don't
think the color patches are messing me up.)

        Surely, I am not the first person to attempt this. Has anyone
successfully done it? What flags do I need to set in the Imakefile/Makefile to
make all the #ifdefs happy? I realize some of my problems may be that I'm
compiling pure X11R5 code on an Openwindows system - is that going to kill me from
square one, or are they sufficiently identical to not be a problem?

        I'm way out of my depth here. Any help will be greatly appreciated.



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Having a Sun 4 system running Solaris 2.3, I wondered
if one can do an upgrade to Solaris 2.3 Hardware version 5/94.

After setting up an install_server, booting and answering the
required questions the install program offered me an "Upgrade"
Naturally I choose this one. But,....  the system doesn't actually
do an upgrade,... It only added SUNWbmac and SUNWaud... (or something
close to that)

Someone said:

Q. Is an "Upgrade" from Solaris 1.x/2.x to Solaris 2.3 Edition II

 A. No.  Since Solaris 2.3 Edition II is a new, platform-specific release
 for the new SPARCstation 5, SPARCserver 5, and SPARCstation
    Voyager(TM) machines, there should be no need for "upgrades".

How should we interpret this ?

(Mind !!! If I remember correctly Solaris 2.3 Hardware version 5/94
is actually Edition III  Yes..3)

Is there an upgrade possible, but only from 2.2 to 2.3 (5/94) ?

The question that follows out the previous is ofcourse:
If you want to upgrade a system from the normal Solaris 2.3
(not Solaris 2.3 5/94) to Solaris 2.3 5/94, do you only have to install
the Maintenance Supplement CD ?

I'm puzzled and I guess I'm not the only one.

Any comments are very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
Robert Jansen
Computer Center VUB/ULB
Belgium (Europe)

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Secr: +32-2-650.37.38
Fax:  +32-2-650.37.40

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