qattach error, related to ISDN ?

qattach error, related to ISDN ?

Post by ssieb.. » Sun, 10 Apr 1994 00:54:53

I just installed Solaris 2.3 a couple of weeks ago on my SPARC 10. I'm  
also running the SunLink ISDN 1.0 software. This worked excellent under  
Solaris 2.2. Now I get periodic error messages:

WARNING: qattach: modname mismatch f_name: ppp, mi_idname : ppp1331  

It looks like the ISDN software causes this problem. It would not bother  
me, but after a few days, you're not able to log into the machine any more  
and only rebooting will help. Any ideas?

Please mail to me directly, I will summarize

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+ iXpoint Informationssysteme GmbH               +
+ Im Ermlisgrund 20-24  76337 Waldbronn  Germany +
+ phone: ++49 7243-65535                         +



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"no ISDN device available" appears during boot when configuring network
interfaces. Then, configuring network interfaces appears a second time and
this time it says "ippp0 askpassword=yes". So, the isdn interface is
initialized the second time succcessfuly. Is this *one* startup script or
is it two and can I safely delete or rename the first one? Does anybody
know how to fix this?

This cosmetical "error" occurs after I've switched from external ISDN TA
(Elsa Microlink ISDN TL V.34) to an internal ISDN card. And, yes: I've
deleted the Modem configuration with Yast before configuring the ISDN card.

Many thanks in advance,

"If you think technology can solve your problems you don't understand
technology and you don't understand your problems." (Marcus J. Ranum)

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