ultra2 scsi pci card - intraserver or anatares?

ultra2 scsi pci card - intraserver or anatares?

Post by s leonar » Thu, 13 Jul 2000 04:00:00

I am all set to purchase a ultra2 scsi pci host adapter card for an
E250... (solaris 8)
Does anyone have any experience/opinons/ good/ bad on:

Either Intraserver's 61xx
(If so, have you used their Intraflex, did it work?)
Antares' P-0068


shanna leonard
arizona health sciences library


1. IntraServer SCSI card question

I've got an LX164 with an IntraServer ITI-3140U SCSI
card.  It has had a Quantum HD connected to it for
a long time with no problems (used to be the only
drive in the system).  I got a Yamaha 8824 internal
SCSI CD/RW drive and added it to the SCSI controller.
So now it has one internal 16-bit device (the HD) and
one internal 8-bit device (the CD/RW).  The manual
says this needs the LOW Termination jumper removed,
which I did.

Anyway, the HD still works fine.  The CD/RW works
fine for reading CD's.  It does not give any errors
while writing, but the CD's have errors on them.
About every 1-3 Mb, a small group of bytes are
incorrectly written.  Usually the errors are in
bits 2 through 7, bits 0 and 1 are always correct.

The CD/RW just came back from factory warranty service
and still exhibits the problem.  Could this be a problem
with the SCSI controller?  I'm using the NCR53C8XX driver.

Other possibly useful info:  Alpha BIOS version 5.62-1a.
Redhat 6.2, kernel 2.2.14-6.0.  I also have a Maxtor IDE
drive attached to the first IDE controller.  It insists
on making the Alpha think that there is *something*
on a second IDE drive (which would be slave on the
first interface) even though there isn't.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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