4mm tape - ID NUMBER??

4mm tape - ID NUMBER??

Post by Clark » Mon, 11 Nov 1996 04:00:00

I just installed a 4mm tape drive on a Sparc20 w/2.5.

However, /dev/rmt/0mb does *NOT* work. I checked the
/dev/directory and 0mb does not exist. So I then
checked dmesg for the hardware address - ST24 and all
the other wonderfull numbers. Then I matched them to
the links and discovered that the address should be

???  Anyone know WHY??  It's the only tape drive and
the 8 address works fine.

Also, once I installed it I noticed that performance
went south. A quick check of /var/adm/messages showed
that SCSI timeout errors were being reported on the
storage array. It was hitting each device in reverse
sequential order on the storage array every 4 or 5
minutes. So, I removed the tape drive and the errors





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Does anyone know which cleaning method (dry or wet) is better/preferred
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Is there a tape certifier device available to certify 8MM, 4MM, or both?

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Any info is appreciated.

I find it hard to believe that my site is the only one to experience this
problem or similiar problem(s).

Again, any help will be appreciated.

Artie Von Dohre
Systems Analyst
Open Systems Support

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