non DDI/DKI callouts from solaris 2.5 drivers

non DDI/DKI callouts from solaris 2.5 drivers

Post by Tushar Y Tamb » Thu, 30 May 1996 04:00:00


i am trying to call some functions (say func()) exported by a loadable
module (say module A) from my driver.

module A loads properly. i also specify a dependency between my device
driver and module A through the _depends_on variable.

when i try to load the driver add_drv fails saying it cannot
resolve func().

do i need to do something special for those functions of module A
which i call from the driver (besides making them global and declaring
them as externs in the concerned header files) ? can drivers call
*any* function from any kernel loadable module (as long as the module
is loaded) or do they have to stick to the DDI/DKI interface ?

thanks in advance.

Tushar Y Tambay
Veritas Software India.


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Soomyung Park


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