WANTED: Solaris 2 equivalent to SunOS 4.1.X's 'showfh' cmd

WANTED: Solaris 2 equivalent to SunOS 4.1.X's 'showfh' cmd

Post by Richard Fro » Mon, 22 Jul 1996 04:00:00

I am looking for a Solaris equivalent program to the SunOS 'showfh'

I would like a way of viewing NFS filehandles and the file path they
are pointing to.


client-machine %> showfh 6830

I have been looking everywhere for something for Solaris and cannot
find it!.

The best I can do at the moment is try to catch a MOUNT request
using SNOOP which shows the file handle and requested remote path.

Any ideas?

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1. Can't pipe stdout into 'cat', using g++/libg++ on SunOS 4.1

  I have written a filter program,  one which reads from standard
input and writes to standard output.  The output works OK when
printing to the console, or when redirected via the shell to a file,
but fails when piped into the standard input of another program,
such as 'cat'.

  I am running SunOS 4.1, using libg++ 2.3 (I believe).  The test
program below tries to act like cat, copying its input verbatim to
the output.

        #include <String.h>

        int main (int argc, char ** argv, char **env)
            String line;
             // keep terminator, or cannot tell eof
            while (readline(cin,line,'\n',0)) cout << line ;

  Call the program above 'acat'.  I can do the following tests:

        cat foo.txt | cat               - prints foo.txt
        cat foo.txt | acat              - prints foo.txt
        cat foo.txt | acat | cat        - NO output!
        cat foo.txt | cat | cat         - prints foo.txt
        cat foo.txt | acat > bar.txt - bar.txt contains foo.txt

  Other variations convince me that I cannot pipe the output of
this program into itself or any other "filter" program. What gives?
This is a very disquieting thing to have happen.

  BTW, the executable for this program is 524K.  Also disquieting.



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