OnLine DiskSuite, Veritas, ... ?

OnLine DiskSuite, Veritas, ... ?

Post by Amos A. Goua » Sat, 05 Nov 1994 04:09:34

We're going to have to get some volume management software pretty soon.
I'd like to hear what folks are using and what their thoughts are about
these products.

Thanks in advance!



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One of the groups I work for at JPL is looking into using Solaris 2.4 on a
pair of SPARCserver 1000's (presently running Solaris 2.3 Hardware: 5/93) in a
manual failover configuration.  We were expecting to use 2.4 in conjunction
with the new Online: DiskSuite 3.0 software, especially making use of the
2.4 LFS (or is it lUFS?) to speed up recovery times on reboots by avoiding
lengthy fsck's if the main server goes down and we have to manually fail over.

Just today, VERITAS Software Corporation gave a talk/demo of their VERITAS
On-Line Storage Manager 2.0 product.  It impressed the hell out of the
attendees (I wasn't there, however) from our group.  They then handed out a
White Paper comparing their product with Online: DiskSuite 3.0.  Naturally
their product came out well ahead, with more features :-)

My own personal biases are fairly minimal, but I am certainly somewhat
hesitant to give some other company hooks into my kernel that need to be
upgraded/updated/etc. over the long haul.  This is a fairly important decision
point for us, because the two systems in question are going to be frozen at
the end of this year, when the Galileo space probe reaches Jupiter orbit
insertion.  They'll quite possibly have to stay that way for about 2 years
(i.e., the lifetime of the Galileo mission at Jupiter), so we want to make
sure that we've made a solid choice which can be maintained through at least
the end of calendar 1997.  So obviously going with a non-vendor software
platform that has a serious hook into the kernel (an extra VFS, that is) to
boot leaves me with some trepidation.

If anyone has tried either or both of these two products - VERITAS' On-Line
Storage Manager 2.0 and/or SunSoft's Online: DiskSuite 3.0 (in particular,
we're interested in the LFS/lUFS capabilities; we're already using DiskSuite
2.0.1 on the two SS1000's at present) - and wants to share any insights on
either, please contact me.  As usual, if people are interested I will


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