Sun(Solaris2)<->SGI (auto)mount problems

Sun(Solaris2)<->SGI (auto)mount problems

Post by Himanshu Gohel (DM » Tue, 23 May 1995 04:00:00

Platforms:  Sun SS10 ("grater"  kernel patch level -23), OS: Solaris 2.4 (11/94)
            Sun SS20 ("bruiser" kernel patch level -27), OS: Solaris 2.4 (11/94)
            SGI Indy ("trauma") OS: Irix 5.2

We have NIS automount maps, with the following entries, which used to run

/home/trauma    -rw,intr        trauma:/home/trauma
/TBIimages      -rw,intr        trauma:/home/TBIimages

Our solaris 2 machines had both mount points, /home/trauma and /TBIimages.
Recently to beef up security, I added the option 'nosuid' to the automount

/home/trauma    -rw,intr,nosuid trauma:/home/trauma
/TBIimages      -rw,intr,nosuid trauma:/home/TBIimages

Since then I can't mount those filesystems on our Solaris 2 machines,
though the same file system (using the same NIS automount maps) can be
mounted on any of our Solaris 1 machines without problems!

The error I get is:

grater% ls /TBIimages
May 22 09:03:32 grater automountd[184]: Mount of trauma:/home/TBIimages
on /TBIimages: Not a directory

Ofcourse /TBIimage exists, and is owned by root.

So I took the 'nosuid' option out, and rebuilt the maps.  But that did not
solve the problem.  The next thing I tried is to shutdown and restart
automount on both the Solaris 2 machines (using /etc/init.d/autofs {stop|start}),
but that didn't change anything either.

Finally I tried to explicitly mount the partition exported from SGI to my Sun:

nfs mount: mount: /mnt: Not a directory

But that gives an error message too!  Note that the above mount works fine
if I run it on a Solaris 1 machine on the same network!  I have checked that
the SGI is exporting the filesystems that I am trying to mount:

grater% showmount -e trauma
export list for trauma:
/home/trauma    Moffitt,UnDiIn,apple
/home/TBIimages Moffitt,UnDiIn,apple

and verified that my machines are in the netgroup.

Then I tried to see if I could get anything exported by trauma using the
/net directory:

grater% ls /net/trauma
May 22 10:47:04 grater automountd[5322]: Mount of trauma:/home/trauma on /net/trauma/home/trauma : Not a directory
/net/trauma: No such file or directory
grater% May 22 10:47:04 grater automountd[5322]: Mount of trauma:/home/TBIimages on /net/trauma/home/TBIimages : Not a directory

Oh well.

One more thing I tried is what was mentioned in question 5.10 of the Solaris 2
FAQ v1.46 - that some older version of NFS do not support root being in more than
8 netgroups.  I changed the Solaris 2 machine's root groups to 8 rather than
10, but that didn't solve the problem either.

If anyone has suggestions as to what might be wrong, I'd appreciate the help.
Thanks.  Please use e-mail and I will summarize if necessary.


Digital Medical Imaging Program (DMIP)
University of South Florida, Tampa, FL.  USA