URGENT: Restoring unreferenced inode

URGENT: Restoring unreferenced inode

Post by Chris O'Rega » Tue, 06 Oct 1998 04:00:00

I have an htaccess log file that was deleted, however the server is still
writing to it.  I would like to salvage the file before restarting the
server (and losing it forever).

Does anyone know how to create a "hard link" directly to the inode?



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  Hi all, we're having a problem with with a "mystery process" creating
40MB files on our system which du does not recognize, and fsck recognizes
as an unreferenced file.  I believe I can catch the program in the act,
when the file is first created, and can use fsck to find the inode of the
unreferenced file, but cannot find a way to track down which process has
that file open...

  Is there an undocumented switch to fuser, or another command, that I
could use to find out the PID of the file that has the inode open?  Or by
the time the filesystem recognizes it as "unreferenced" is it too late?
And does anybody know a way to reattach the inode to the filesystem so I
can look at its contents?

  Thanks for any help/suggestions,


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