PC to SOLARIS via SLIP and terminal server

PC to SOLARIS via SLIP and terminal server

Post by Keit » Wed, 08 Feb 1995 05:05:50

Could anyone explain how terminal servers running SLIP actually
can be used to login over a modem line to a Solaris workstation.
I've been told that the terminal server runs slip software and
that the server is used for validation of the password. How actually
does this work, what software is needed on the workstation and
how does the workstation interact with the workstation. Any help
would be greatly appreciated.



1. SLIP problems (via terminal server & TIA)

I'm trying to get SLIP to work from my linux box to the rest of the world
via TIA running on a SunOS machine, which I connect to via a terminal
server.  I'm using dip 3.3.7i with kernel 1.2.2 (SLIP, etc. enabled).

The initial connection gets made fine, and I go on my way.  However,
after a short period of time, the connection seems to freeze.  It would
seem as if the line was hung up or something, as the characters I type go
into /dev/null and I get nothing back from the remote hosts no matter how
long I wait.  This was happened to me in varios telnet sessions (multiple
hosts, either directly or telnetting from one host to another), as well
as in POP3 sessions, lynx sessions, etc.

It seems to occur more quickly with a higher MTU setting, but no matter
how low I go, it still happens.

Any suggestions?  I went through all the dip & Net-2 stuff I could find,
and though someone mentioned a TIA-SLIP howto/faq in an earlier message I
couldn't find it on sunsite.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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