Solaris 2.3 PPP and Dynamic Addressing --> Not...

Solaris 2.3 PPP and Dynamic Addressing --> Not...

Post by Mike Rank » Sat, 04 Mar 1995 01:18:15

I have been trying unsuccessfully to configure asppp to support dynamic
ppp addressing. This seems almost impossible.

I have an file that defines the interface to use the following
                ifconfig ipdptp0 plumb down

                interface ipdptp*
                peer_name   <ppp provider>

aspppd successfully loads, however when I bring up the line, I get a
message in the log file says "can't find path for" and just sits there
without connecting. What am I doing wrong... Flame away... Any help
would be appreciated.

Also tried setting both ifconfig and interface to ipdptp0, then I get
a connect but the daemon does not clean the routing table after the line
is brought down, it gets done manually.

Finally, I have downloaded Dave Brillhart's ppp cookbook, however this
treatise is for static ppp.

Please help please please please...

Thanks in advance.


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- Steve
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