Local director problem

Local director problem

Post by ekr.. » Thu, 23 Nov 2000 04:00:00

Hi all,
In our site, we try to deploy the Cisco Local Director for load-
balancing & reliability purposes. However, within the structure of two
servers & one local director in between; it's possible for us to find
ourselves working with one server even though we had logged in the
other guy. Cisco had nothing to do with this, either we didn't.
May someone help me?

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        We have a bunch of 420R's running 5.6 and one running 5.8, but
otherwise configured identically.  They are behind Cisco Local
Director. The SunOS 5.8 one causes the local director to spit these
out. The 5.8 system responds to connections faster, but seems to handle
fewer connections.

Jul 11 10:08:24 firstld Real machine 'web28:80:0:tcp': Failed (No answer).
Jul 11 10:08:24 firstld Real machine 'web28:80:0:tcp': Remains Failed.
Jul 11 10:08:24 firstld Real machine 'wlast message repeated 10 times

        Any ideas?


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