Need help making shared memory look like sockets

Need help making shared memory look like sockets

Post by magra.. » Sun, 01 Jun 1997 04:00:00

Greeting fellow Unixdom citizens,

I need to make a set of programs use of shared memory and semephores
look like a socket interface based client/server relationship. Why
the three ugly sisters? Simple. mmap and named pipes leave traces
behind in the filesystem and more importantly is security. I can
engage encryption over these lines but I want *speed* so its the three
ugly sisters I have to use and message Q's will not do an n to 1
relation ship.

Thanks in advance,

J.C. Magras


1. Need Help using shared memory as sockets

Yes, I do have W. Richard Stevens "Unix Network Programming" but his
examples to not  scale up to a socket's n-clients-to-1 server paradigm.

I also have "Interprocess communications in Unix:The nooks and
crannies" by John Shapley Gray aimed more at beginners and doesnt
try to re-implement ping or rexec like Stevens book does.

I am working in C++ using g++ and libg++ 2.7.2.

I have looked at

Thanks in advance,

J.C. Magras

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