Openlook / GCC / Solaris 2.3 -- Question ?????

Openlook / GCC / Solaris 2.3 -- Question ?????

Post by Bryan LittleFiel » Sun, 21 Aug 1994 04:41:57

I have a program I'm that I'm trying to get working on a Solaris system
that only has a GCC compiler.. I've got the program working on Solaris
systems using the SunPro compiler..

Anyway, I'm using the variable argument stuff and GCC does not like it..
I include the "<vararg.h>" include file etc..

It turns out the problem is the <Xol/OpenLook.h> include has the include
of the <stdlib.h> include file which redefines the vararg stuff so that
it won't work with my program for now..

I managed to finally get it to compile and run by using a "-Dlint" define
passed to the GCC compiler .. But I want this to be a clean compile, this
is a hack that I don't want to have to depend on it..
So finally, the question..
What should I do to make GCC compile with the "<vararg.h>" include file ??

Here is simple test case I used, try with the OpenLook.h and with out it.
Using GCC on a Solaris system of course..

#include <Xol/OpenLook.h>

#include <stdio.h>
#include <math.h>
#include <ctype.h>

#include <varargs.h>

    va_list     vl;
    char        *fmt;
    char        buff[256];

    fmt = va_arg(vl, char *);
    (void)vsprintf(buff, fmt, vl);
    (void)fprintf(stderr, "%s", buff);


   test_func("1:print this\n");
   test_func("2:print this\n");



Openlook / GCC / Solaris 2.3 -- Question ?????

Post by Barbara Wagn » Sun, 21 Aug 1994 11:06:45

Received: from by (4.1/SMI-4.1)
        id AA03961; Fri, 19 Aug 94 21:57:21 EDT
Received: from by (4.0/SMI-4.1)
        id AA18599; Fri, 19 Aug 94 21:55:22 EST

Received: by
        ( id AA04370; Fri, 19 Aug 94 22:03:35 -0400
Date: Fri, 19 Aug 94 22:03:35 -0400

Status: R

Hi folks,
I am trying to install TeX(or Latex, amstex) on Solaris2.3 (which should be compatible
with SunOS4.x, if run in the "compatible mode").
So far I found the files
at :/packages/TeX/systems/unix/unixkit
                      & /packages/TeX/systems/web2c

and managed to unpack them. However, when I try to tex a file

it just says: Can't find format file!

It is also mentioned in the README files that the first to gz files are
compiled from web2c-6.1 source codes.

What is the problem? Are the lib files not compatible with the other files?
I have also looked for lib-6.1.tar.gz file using archie but was unsuccessful.

If anybody has any idea how to help me please write email to

AND ..THANK YOU in advance!



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