ShowMe Audio on 5.5.1

ShowMe Audio on 5.5.1

Post by S T Bon » Thu, 03 Oct 1996 04:00:00

I have been unable to use ShowMe Audio on 5.5.1, while it works fine
under 5.4. The ShowMe Video and Whiteboard both function properly under
5.5.1. Has anyone else experienced such problems, and have any idea how
to overcome them?


University of Edinburgh, Scotland.


1. Audio mixer for /dev/audio or USB audio?


does anyone see a possibility for controlling /dev/audio? Is there
even a tool?


Im running a 2.4.13 kernel with a USB webcam (ToUCam Pro). The
built-in microphone is supported through the USB Audio class (and
accessable via /dev/audio). Everything works pretty well except audio
quality. The sound is scratchy on higher levels. All I want is to
lower the input level. The tools I have, smix and amixer, only
correspond with my soundcard (/dev/dsp).

The machine is a PC with SuSE, not a SUN/SPARC.

Thanks in advance
Greetings from snowy Berlin


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