Gcc for X84 2.4

Gcc for X84 2.4

Post by Ivan S. Bisho » Mon, 09 Jan 1995 16:12:59

  Would anyone be so kind as to tell me where I can find the current
  highest release of Gcc PRE-compiled for 2.4 X86?

  Many thanks in advance.

Ivan S. Bishop


1. ATI Graphics Expression on 2.4 x84

Some month ago I got an ATI Graphics Expression with 2MB for PCI-Bus and it worked fine.
Last week I got another one for VESA-Bus. It didn't work, neither under Solaris 2.4, nor under
OS/2 Warp - also there where new Warp-Drivers with the card. It worked only under DOS/Windows.
This Weekend I tested another card for PCI-Bus and it didn't work under Solaris 2.4.
It seems to me, that there may be another design or something else changed.

Starting openwindows blanks the screen and it loads all the programs, but you don't see
anything. You can kill the processes from a remote login and you get back the

Knows anybody what happened ?

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