Gigabit Ethernet under Solaris

Gigabit Ethernet under Solaris

Post by Oliver Lauman » Tue, 17 Nov 1998 04:00:00

Does Solaris 7 (on the Intel platform) support any Gigabit Ethernet
PCI adapters (preferably with 802.1Q)?  I couldn't find any in the
HCL, but maybe I didn't look in the right place.

1. gigabit ethernet performance - Solaris 2.6, gem ethernet driver


We have a Sun E4500, Solaris 2.6, with a gigabit nic installed.  

 1   SBus   25     1   network                           SUNW,sbus-gem

            Node 0xf00effe0
            local-mac-address:  080020ff.0f28
            gem-rev:  00000000
            burst-sizes:  0078007f
            shared-pins:  'serdes'
            board-rev:  00000005
            interrupts:  00000004
            compatible: 'SUNW,sbus-gem'
            model:  'SUNW,sbus-gem'
            has-fcode:  ' '
            version: '1.7'
            device_type:  'network'
            address-bits:  00000030
            max-frame-size:  00004000
            reg:  00000001.00100000.00000014.00000001.00200000.00009060
            name:  'network'

SUNW,sbus-gem0: Using Gigabit SERDES Interface
SUNW,sbus-gem0: Forced 1000 Mbps Full-Duplex Link Up

Driver rev:
what /kernel/drv/ge
        Solaris 5.6 Sun Gigabit Ethernet 2.0, PatchID 106764-09

ndd settings:

Link status  1
Link speed  1000
Link mode  1
adv_1000autoneg_cap  0
adv_1000fdx_cap  1
adv_1000hdx_cap  0
adv_pauseTX  1
adv_pauseRX  1
1000autoneg_cap  0
1000fdx_cap  1
1000hdx_cap  0
asm_dir_cap  0
pause_cap  0
lp_1000autoneg_cap  0
lp_1000fdx_cap  0
lp_1000hdx_cap  0
lp_asm_dir_cap  0
lp_pause_cap  0

We have the switch port (Cisco 6500, i believe) set at 1000 fdx as

The problem is this, inbound traffic gets only about a 6000 Kbytes/sec
rate, whereas the outbound goes at about 20000 Kbytes/sec.

Does anyone have any ideas why this would occur?  I've searched
Sunsolve and came up with nothing.

Thanks in advance,


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