reading/scanner Legato Networker tapes while booted from CD

reading/scanner Legato Networker tapes while booted from CD

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 I'd like to find out if there's a way to scan tapes and
recover data from a legato networker tape, while booted
from a Solaris 7 CD. I've seen some documentation on how
to do this, but was unable to get the instructions to
work using the devices we have.

The system being used is a Sun E5000 server running
Solaris 7, and attached is a Qualstar Jukebox with a
Sony SDX-300C tape drive.  There's a custom st.conf
entry required to set up the Sony tape device.  While
booted from CD, I've put the customized st.conf file into
place in /tmp/kernel/drv, and I've done a modunload,
and modload, of the st driver, giving the path to
/tmp/kernel/drv so that the customized st.conf file
would be read in when the st driver was loaded.  This
doesn't seem to have worked however.  Whenever I
scan the tapes, I get a "ENOMEM" error message, and
the scanner command ends without returning any SSID

If anyone knows of a way to set this up, I'd appreciate
hearing about it.

Thanks a lot,

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        Can the information backed up on the tapes be accessed without using
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