Need console server software

Need console server software

Post by Scott Gros » Thu, 01 Feb 1996 04:00:00

I've bought a multiport mux which gives my solaris 2.5 machine the files
/dev/term/X   where X are the numbers 0-15.  I want to plug the tty of a
sparc into that mux now, and have one solaris 2.5 machine be the console
server for the other 16 sparcs.  Is there any such software available?


1. console server software...

        Hi there,
                I am looking for some software that will
                perform the functions of a console server.
                We would like to connect the console ports
                of all our machines (the ones that don't
                have consoles that is :) to an annex, and
                then have some software running on a host
                connect to the console ports through the
                annex.  Preferably with a nice X-window
                type front end.


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