network printing in Solaris 2.6

network printing in Solaris 2.6

Post by Tim J. Patters » Wed, 29 Oct 1997 04:00:00

Hopefully someone can point me to a faq or directions on how to do

New Ultra 2.
I want it to replace an old sun 3 which is currently our print server
for 3 printers hung on the net (2 hp and one tektronics). The
admintool only appears to be of use for printers physically connected
to one of the ports on the machine, not for network connection.
My manuals aren't of much help (yes I did try to read the

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1. Solaris 2.6 x86 network printing

Hi all,
  I'm having a problem getting Solaris 2.6 x86 to
print to my HP JetDirect EX+3 print server.
Unfortunity HP's jetdirect driver is not
an option for Solaris x86.  The printer works
perfectly with my Sparc10/Solaris 2.5/hpnp so
I know that the printer setup is ok.
  I've checked dejanews and tried
(it no longer exist) and can't find any info
on Solaris x86 and network printing.
  All of the printer config files have changed
in Solaris 2.6 so I'm alittle lost.  I added
the remote printer with admintool and tweaked
the printers.conf alittle:

Now, the printer prints everything in one long
line (but atleast it's sort of working!), I guess
that I need to add a filter? But how?  The man on
printers.conf doesn't say anything about filters...
  Any help would be greatly appriecated!

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