problem of replacement

problem of replacement

Post by Padmapan » Tue, 25 Jul 2000 04:00:00

hello everybody.,
i have a network with the server running solaris 2.5.1 perfectly.the
system is stable and everything is fine.Now i got a new Ultra 10 to be
replaced as the server with solaris 8.what is the safest method i can do

this.i already configured the new machine to be a part of the network
and a NIS+ client etc.,i am very new to sys admin and also these
newsgroups.So i hope u can please excuse my stupidity and help me out of

this situation.
Thank u


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I am new to shell script. I spent this morning in writing a small code
to analyze some data in the batch mode. However, it could not be
executed correctly. I am posting the code here and would like to hear
your suggestions.

for filename in *.txt
out=`echo "$filename" | sed 's/txt/out/'`
./Gaussian < input > $out
sed -e "s/$filename/$temp/g" < input > output
mv output input

I have a number of ".txt" files which are named 00.txt, 01.txt... The
"input" in the code is a file which defines some parameters. In each
loop, the .txt file in the input file needs to be updated. This is what
I tried to do with
"sed -e "s/$filename/$temp/g" < input > output". However, after
"00.txt" being changed to "01.txt" in "input", it is not updated
anymore. "01.txt" stays in the input file.

Could anybody please let me know where is wrong? Thanks a lot!

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