Problem with a 4mm DAT drive on Sun Sparc

Problem with a 4mm DAT drive on Sun Sparc

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I am Eric from Paris, France. Sorry about English mistakes!

I have a problem with a Sun UltraSparc 1 and its 4mm DAT SCSI drive.
The tape drive is in the middle of the SCSI chain, and the final
peripheral (a hard drive) has its "Auto-End" led on, so I assume there
are no connector problems.

The thing is: I can't put a tape in the drive anymore! It seems the
caddy inside the drive is locked in upper position and will not move.

I think this happened due to an electricity stop last night. The drive
was empty, though.

My question is: Please, is there a way to unlock it?!
May it can be done via a hardware manipulation or a prompt command?

Thank you very much in advance.

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i tried  several things to make the original sun 4mm DAT on my sparc20
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right command.

especially becaus there is no way (at least for me) to get the data back
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some saint in the mood for a hint


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