Solaris x86 and tokenring

Solaris x86 and tokenring

Post by Juergen Ohma » Sat, 20 Jul 1996 04:00:00


I'm trying to install two tokenring adapters in an SNI Petium 130.
When I install Solaris 2.4 the two cards (IBM 16/4) are detected.
When rebooting the system the kernel does not detect them and
ifconfig says: tr0: no such interface.
Now I'm looking for someone that has used Solaris x86 2.x with IBM
tokenring and can give me a hint wehere to look at.


   Juergen Ohmann


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          I am using a P133 Compaq with Solaris 2.5 which was
        pathched with latest from sun.

          The install diskette finds the token ring card, but the
        installed OS doesn't. I am using an IBM 16/4 A, INT 7, 16K ram.

          I have tried all ROM address and nothing, except when i
        use CC000, i get the message :
        "Shared Ram ce000 is not on correct boundary or full shared
         RAM won't fit in memory betond MMIO/ROM"

          Help needed.

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