Adding icons to menus on gnome on Solaris 10

Adding icons to menus on gnome on Solaris 10

Post by Dave » Thu, 08 Dec 2005 00:17:20

I have installed Solaris 10 on my Ultra 80.

On the Gnome start menu there is

Start->Applications->Internet->Sun Java Instant Messaging
Start->Applications->Internet->Email & Calender
Start->Applications->Internet->Instant messenger

and so on.

All the applications (email, messengers etc) have icons. So too does the
"Internet" menu - that shows a picture of the world.

I've installed some applications of my own, under a menu "Engineering"


and so on. Whilst I can get icons installed OK for the applications
(Mathematica, Labview, Matlab), I have not been able to discover how to
do it for the "Engineering" menu. The icon is just a folder in a filing

I assume it is possible to change that folder icon to something perhaps
a bit related to engineering, in the same way the world is related to
the internet, but how?

Dave K

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