Newbie Install Q - 2.6 x86 (Net & Video)

Newbie Install Q - 2.6 x86 (Net & Video)

Post by e » Tue, 10 Nov 1998 04:00:00

Hi All,

Tried installing Solaris x86 on two separate Intel boxes. (first time
UNIX user)

Issue #1) Installation went OK, compatibility list says my dlink 500TX
net card is supported, but network not working.

it seems to me ifconfig does not look like it is using a dlink driver
though, it seems to be trying to tell me it is using a DEC driver.

The question, how do I try to change the netcard setup ???

Issue #2) (separate computer - installed successfully trying to maintain
a dual boot scenario. Solaris installed perfectly - But user error :-(
killed the dual boot - NT was dead on gone  (no comments please !)

I took the opportunity to repartition things better & re-install the
works. The second (& 3rd, & 4th) attempts to install Solaris, cannot seem
to find a serial pointing device. Yet it did the first time.

Any ideas on that one ???

Thanks !

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1. Video card & System Commander probs. w/ Solaris 2.6 x86


I just got the Educational release of Solaris 2.6 and installed it
on a 2nd IDE (7.4 Gb Quantum Fireball) drive which is slaved
to my CDROM on IDE slot2.  My system is a NEC Directions
SPL 300 (300 MHz PII running Win95).

The interactive install seemed to work OK except for 2 problems.

1.)  I can't get my Diamond Viper V330 128 video card to be recognized
     (controller nVIDIA RIVA 128, 4Mb SGRAM).  I've installed Disk
Update 3
    and the ATA driver update as well as the S3 video driver update (the
    tables list S3/Virge chipset in most of the Diamond video cards).
    mode works, but none of the Viper selections in the Config. Asst.
will work.
    some even lock up the system.  My NEC 17" PnP monitor is recognized.

    Am I just SOL since the hardware compatibility list doesn't have
Viper V330?
    Any recomendations on how to get something more than VGA from my
    video card?  Did I snag the wrong driver update?

2.) System Commander lists my Solaris partition on the 2nd drive as
"Linux Swap".
    I know they use the same partition ID but I got the drive new and
the only thing
    I've put on it is Solaris.  A friend has the same vers. of SC and it
recognizes his
    Solaris on a 2nd disk... I've reinstalled both SC & Solaris... Same
    What did I neglect to do during the Solaris Install?  There's a step
in there that
    complains about not being put on the boot disk... did I make a wrong
    there?  Does it matter that the drive is running slaved to the
CDROM?  I can
    boot from the Solaris Config. Asst. just fine.

Any suggestions or pointers to the right places to look would be most
I've looked at the FAQ for this group, went to Diamond Multimedia's web
to Sun's access1 site and to V Communicaions System Commander site...
Did I
just over-look some juicy morsel?

Many thanks for any help,


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