Do I need SUNWscplp and SUNWoldst if I am installing CUPS?

Do I need SUNWscplp and SUNWoldst if I am installing CUPS?

Post by Russ LeB » Fri, 06 Jun 2003 06:24:04

Subject says it all. Solaris 8 SPARC. Thanks!!! -- Russ

1. CUPS packaging: .cups not -cups

Finally, I found out why my cups works from the admin tool but fails
otherwise: RPM installation didn't create symblinks to lpr, lpq, etc.
Although I read from man pages about lpr-cups, lpc-cups, and so on, they
exist on the hard disk as lpr.cups, lpc.cups, and so on.  Here are a few

1. Where does this naming descrepency come from?  RedHat, CUPS, or
somewhere else?

2. I think RH installs lpd printing by default but I may have explicitly
chosen to do so; I probably also chose to install CUPS at the same time.
  Could this be the reason why symblinks are not created?  Or the cups
RPM doesn't create any, period?

3. Now that I discovered the real naming convention, I can cope with
command-line and Mozilla, maybe a couple of other applications that
allow explicit printing facility configuration.  But I encounter
programs like xpdf that jumps into Mozilla every time I download a PDF
file. (I don't see GhostView installed, though GhostScript is by
default.)  There's no printing config in xpdf except paper format.  I
believe it defaults to lpr.  Any way to change this( without linking
lpr.cups to lpr)?


Yuan Liu

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