Job opportunity in San Francisco Bay Area.

Job opportunity in San Francisco Bay Area.

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We have a contracting position open for people with the following
3+ years experience

If you have any questions, please call Vivian at (510) 460-9084, or just


1. Repost: San Francisco Bay Area GNU Picnic, Sat 15 July 1995

                        Bay Area GNU Picnic!

      [ Please repost this wherever you think is appropriate! ]

Who: People who like or work on the GNU system.  Perhaps you.

What: A GNU picnic on the beach.  With grill, music, and filking.

When: Saturday July 15 from 4pm to sunset and beyond.

Where: Half Moon Bay beach.  More precisely, ...
        Take 280 to 92 West heading towards Half Moon Bay. Once
        you reach Half Moon Bay, 92 will dead-end into Highway 1.
        Turn left on Highway 1 and follow til the next stop
        light. Turn right and follow this road to the end. The
        HalfMoon Bay State Park Beach is on your left.
        There is a $4.00 cover charge to get in but once paid,
        will let you in to any other state beach for that day.
        So, one could puruse the beaaches before coming to the
        GNU Picnic. Half Moon Bay is north of Sante Cruz and south of
        San Francisco.

Why: To have fun and get to know other people who use and work on GNU.

Smoking Policy: no smoking near the GNU Picnic site.

Software Policy: GPL

Please bring:

* Musical instruments. (ie. drums, flutes, and anything that makes a noise)

* Frisbies, kites, and other suitable toys.

* CDs and tapes to play.

* Blankets and towels for swimming (it's gonna be cold though :).

* Food.  Bring something you'd like to grill.  Also bring another item
according to your last name.  If your last name starts with:
        - A through H, bring two quarts of a non-alcoholic beverage.
        - I through P, bring cooked veggies or salad.
        - Q through Z, bring dessert.
        - a character from a foreign character set, bring some exotic
foreign edible.
        - anything else, bring a dragon to grill the food.  (If no one
brings a dragon, we'll use charcoal.)

Note that there are some fresh fish stores in Half Moon Bay and there
is also a fresh veggie stand on the road to the beach. So you could
possibly pick up something to bring "on the way".

Note: tabouli containing more cracked wheat than parsley is strictly


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