PCNFSpro & MS Word

PCNFSpro & MS Word

Post by Greg J. Hisco » Thu, 14 Sep 1995 04:00:00

I am posting this question here because I suspect a lot
of readers in this group may have run into this problem also.

We have a mostly Sun network with 30 or so Wintel machines
sprinkled around.  We integrate the machines together with
the SunSoft product, PCNFSpro 1.1.

We are mostly satisfied with all aspects of the product but
there is one aggravating problem I cannot seem to eliminate:

When printing a more or less trivial document to a PostScript
network printer (via LPR protocol or PCNFSD) MS Word 6.0 does
not ever get the print info into the print queue.  This behavior
is puzzling because Frame, Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Xoftware
all use the printer with no problem!  Things that don't matter are
the printer brand or model (HPLJ, HPDJ, DataProducts LZR, Apple LW xx)
Nothing seems to help.

I mention postscript in the opening sentence because we mostly
use postscript.  PCL and regular ASCII text don't make a difference.

We can use the print to file option within word to make file
and then send that file to the printer with PCNFS LPR quickprint.
It works!  Printing from word causes the page counter at the bottom
of the screen to increment through the page count and then nothing
gets put into the print monitor.  We use WFW 3.11.  We use almost
all gateway 2000 boxes.  

Does anyone reading this recognize these problems?  Suggestions?


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PCNFSpro & MS Word

Post by Anthon » Fri, 15 Sep 1995 04:00:00

I have a Solaris x86 v2.4 nfs server and am currently testing
PCNFSPro v1.1 for Windows on my clients. They run WFW v3.11 and
MS Word v6.0 also.  I will try printing to a postscript prn
and quickly get back to you.  But, are you using ODI or NDIS and
is the printer directly attached to a Unix host or another PC?
Sun says PCNFSPro v1.1 has some bugs when using ODI, but I use ODI
anyway, maybe I'll try it with NDIS drivers also.  I hope we can
get it to work 'cause I think I like PCNFSPro.


PCNFSpro & MS Word

Post by Michael McKnig » Fri, 15 Sep 1995 04:00:00

In Word 6 there is an item under Tools/Options/Printing that
lets word print in the background.  This might get in the
way since it skips the print manager.  I use ChameleonNFS v4.5
to print to a PS printer on my SS5 and Word works just fine.

I have noticed that windows programs that dont use the
print manager tend to have trouble printing to a PCNFS

This is just an idea.  I have never seen the NFS package you
are using, but I have dealt with this before.

Good luck.  Let us know how it goes.

-Michael McKnight