CoolTalk on Solaris2.5.1

CoolTalk on Solaris2.5.1

Post by Pu Huan » Fri, 22 Jan 1999 04:00:00

Hi, there

I use solaris2.5.1 and want to install cooltalk ( it seems the only web
phone freeware supporting for solaris, I have no other choices). but it
does not work:

Quote:> ./cooltalk

        InSoft's OpenDVE Conference Engine
        Copyright (c) 1994-95, InSoft, Inc.
ISconferenceEngine: Initialization Complete
ISCoolTalkPluginMotif: Error msg: Unable to initialize audio.
ISCoolTalkPluginMotif: Error msg: Unable to initialize audio.
what should I do?



1. Solaris2.6 TCP/IP faces Solaris2.5.1.


I need an advice on the following:
I'm porting a tcp/ip client server application from Solaris2.5.1 to
On Solaris2.6 I'm getting different sockets behavior than on
Solaris2.5.1 , For example
accept function failed, or connection refused.

As there any change in the TCP/IP layer between those two operating
systems ?

Any help/suggestions will be appreciate

Eyal Haviv.
Product Manager.
Computer Associates.
Phone : +972-4-9592101.

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