SunSoft software packaging

SunSoft software packaging

Post by John van Brumm » Wed, 12 Apr 1995 04:00:00

Studied SunSoft WorkShop Product Guide of Fall 1994 ...

Can anybody out there familiar with SunSoft's software
packaging explain to me why ``SunSoft Workshop for C++''
bundles C++ and C for SPARC, whereas the x86 counterpart
``ProWorks C++'' has C unbundled?

The x86 C++ implementation is based on Cfront 3.0 and should
have a supporting C compiler as well.  Does this imply that the
ANSI-C compiler driver, header files and libraries are missing?

By the way are both C++ environments fully compatible at the
source and library level?  The products seem to have differing


John van Brummen


1. New Software from SunSoft

        SunSoft is proud to announce the next version of ShowMe.  The
new release is to be called ShowMeYours.  A companion client product
will be called I'llShowYouMine.
        The products work as follows: A user with a Sun Monitor or X
terminal places any desired object, say a body part, within the perimeter of
a ShowMeYours frame.  The image is rasterized and rapidly sent to
the displays of all other selected displays.  Any connected user may then
run I'llShowYouMine.  His or her body part image may then be rasterized and
sent back to the ShowMeYours user and other system voyeurs [read
systems programmers].
        "We feel that this product fills a unique void in the industry,"
claimed Mr. Scott McFealy, SunSoft spokesperson.  "No one but the leader
in Open Zipper Systems is able to deliver this kind of development
environment.  We think that DBE [Distributed Bodies Everywhere] and it's
flagship product ShowMeYours will lead the way in VOPL [Voyeur Oriented
Programming Languages]."

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