desktop_controls folder

desktop_controls folder

Post by Blair Wilso » Fri, 18 Oct 2002 16:20:57

Help Please!

Every time I try to run "desktop controls", I get an error message saying
the "desktop_controls" does not exist for this certain user.  There is a
desktop_controls folder for root.  What gives here?  How is this is
resolved?  Any/All suggestions are welcomed.  This is a new Sol8 x86
install.  Thanks in advanced.



1. CDE's Desktop_controls folder does not exist...

I am using VNC to access the CDE from my NT machine.  I would like to
go customize the desktop, but when I try to run the "control panel", I
get an error message:

The folder specification,
does not exist.

What is going on?  Any thoughts?  Everything works fine when I use CDE
on the actual SPARC machine.

Sam Carleton

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