Parallel printer on Sun Sparc Classic

Parallel printer on Sun Sparc Classic

Post by Hermann Buer » Wed, 24 Mar 1993 01:16:57

Hello out there,

Does anyone knows, how to configure a parallel printer on a SUN
Sparc Classic. Please followup by E-Mail.

Many thanks and best regards


Hermann Buergi
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1. Parallel port problem with sparc classic

I'm trying to enable printing on a sparc classic (for a friend whom I've
advised to buy a faster machine!).  I'm not an expert but have done this
on several sparcs of my own without difficulty, but am completely stuck
on this one.

The problem appears to be writing to the parallel port.  I'm using gs as
a filter to convert ps to pcl, to drive an HP ljet 4.  Using lp
just prints out lots of banner pages, pretty much ad nauseam.  At least
this indicates that it's possible to get data to the printer over the
parallel link, though.

If I create a .pcl file and cat it to /dev/bpp0 I get the error message
"/dev/bpp0: cannot create" even if I do this as root, yet it works fine
on my U30.  So far as I can see, all the ownerships and permissions are
the same on both machines.  I've printed the .pcl file created on the
classic on the U30 and that's fine, so it's not a file content error.

The print queue seems to be accepting jobs, and even trying to process
them (but only by the endless banner page printing).  

I'm now completely stuck!!  Any advice much appreciated.

Thanks - Paul Douglas

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