Problem Compiling Tcsh

Problem Compiling Tcsh

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I have a Sparc5 on Solaris 2.4, and I have been trying to compile
Tcsh-6.05 which came on CD-ROM with the "Unix System Administration
Handbook" by Nemeth, Snyder, Seebass, and Hein. The C compiler I am using
is SUNWspro.

There was not a config file for solaris 2.4, only for Solaris 2 and 2.3,
so I have been using the configuration for 2.3 hoping that will work. Each
time I do make it suffers a fatal error at gethost.c.

I am not familiar enough with Solaris to determine the problem, setting
the necessary flags, make changes to the Makefile and config files. Will
someone knowledgable or had similiar problems please help.

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1. Problems Compiling TCSH

   We just got out first SPARC 20 running Solaris 2.3 and I am attempting
(unsuccesfully so far) to set it up to be usable.  I have installed the
GCC 2.5.6 binary from sunsite and am now attempting to compile tcsh 6.05
and am hitting all sorts of problems.  I apologize if these are stupid
newbie questions...I'm new to this and am not sure about what I'm doing.
If its important, my current shell is the csh shipped with Solaris 2.3.

I have copied Makefile.std to Makefile and edited it to include all the
parameters listed in the Ported file for Solaris 2.3.  I have also copied
config/sol23 to config.h.

Here are the problems I have encountered so far and how I attempted to
solve them.

Problem 1: Can't find Make.
My Solution: After some searching, I found make in /usr/ccs/bin.  Added
this to my path.

Problem 2: Make can't find gcc.
My Solution: added the path for gcc to the Makefile as follows:
    CC=     /opt/gnu/bin/gcc -Wall -B/bin/  # -ansi -pedantic

Problem 3: during the make, gcc is barfing on a long list of variables
that fit the pattern STRxxxx (eg: STRhistory, STRaout, STRloginsh,
STRNULL, STRtty to list out the first few...).  I'm looked through the
code and can't find where these are defined.  Are these environmental
variables of some sort?
My Solution: I'm still stuck on this one!

Does it look like I just have something configured wrong in Solaris?  I'm
I just clue-less and missing the point?  Can someone please help me...

Begging and Pleading for Help...

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