Maintaining Shared Libraries

Maintaining Shared Libraries

Post by Paul Kornm » Sat, 30 Sep 1995 04:00:00

Is there a way to maintain shared libraries (e.g. adding or deleting
objects) without relinking the entire set of objects in the library?
I guess what I am looking for is something that performs the same
functions on shared libraries as 'ar -r' and 'ar -d' do on archives.

right now, to build 'libfoo' I do:

        gcc -fPIC -shared -o foo_1.o foo_2.o foo_3.o ...

This works, but to add another object, I have to relink the whole
thing, which means that I have to store large amounts of object code,
or recompile each time I want to change the library :(

I am using Solaris 2.4, GCC 2.6.3, and SUN's ld.




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compiling the C++ code without debug option to produce object
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compiling the C++ code with debug option to produce object files(.o)
and then producing the shared library with them. Then, do 'strip
library_name'. Say, the size of this library is SIZE_SO_D.

Will SIZE_SO_NoD & SIZE_SO_D be exactly/almost equal ? If yes/no, why?
Also, what exactly 'mcs -d library_name' do? Does it reduce symbols
from the shared library which was produced without debug option also?

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