Seeking UNIX System Manager / Network Specialist

Seeking UNIX System Manager / Network Specialist

Post by Raymond Cur » Fri, 21 Jan 1994 02:51:17

NHMFL is looking for a UNIX system manager/network specialist.
The job is a computer research specialist position, type A&P,
level 04.  If interested, contact Bruce Brandt as described

mailing list and usenet groups, fsu.networking,, comp.unix.aix, ad comp.unix.solaris.
Please forward to anyone you think might be interested.
-Ray Curci
The National High Magnetic Field Laboratory at Florida State
University intends to seek a UNIX System Manager / Network
Specialist who will be responsible for the installation, operation and
maintenance of both UNIX workstation and local area networks at
the main NHMFL facility in Tallahassee, Florida.  She or he will work
under the direction of the Head of the Computer and Network

Experience managing and networking UNIX workstations such as Sun
SPARC and IBM RS6000 is essential.  Experience networking MS-DOS
PCs, OS/2 PCs, and MACs using TCP/IP is desirable.  Experience
networking  MACs using Appletalk is desirable.  Experience
managing multiprotocol computer internetworks including bridges
and routers is desirable.  Experience designing and installing
ethernet and FDDI network hardware including repeaters, bridges,
routers, cabling, connectors, NICs is desirable.  Experience using
network troubleshooting tools such as Network General Sniffer,
Microtest Scanner, and SunNet Manager is desirable.  This position
requires either a Masters Degree in Computer Science, or a Bachelors
Degree plus 3 years of relevant experience.

More information about the position and instructions on how to

(904) 644-4068.  Reply before February 10, 1994.


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