Print queue flooded with 'finished printing' zombies...

Print queue flooded with 'finished printing' zombies...

Post by John Gregor » Thu, 26 May 1994 09:13:44

Hey all,

I'm trying to help out a remote office where all of the printers have
decided to never dequeue jobs after printing.  If you've seen it, then
you _know_ what I mean.  Spools are filling up, and users are befuddled
by the messages in printtool.  I certainly know how to clean up the
mess, but how do you prevent it from happening in the first place?  I
have other offices with the same equipment and this isn't happening.

Printers are sparcprinters, everything is 5.3 with patches.



1. UW7.0.1 print queue 'lockup' w/HPJetDirect

Hi All, anyone else having difficulty with print queues 'locking up' when
trying to print to a either a JetDirect card that is in a printer in
Powersave mode (HP8000 & 4000) or under some conditions when there is simply
an out of paper condition for an underdetermined amount of time?  The only
resolution I've found is remove ALL jobs from the queue which frees
everything up and the next jobs are OK, but the users aren't really OK with
this technique.  Any other tips/resolutions, (not all that adept with the
inner workings of this OS).
Thanks, Alan

Alan Ormond
AAA of Tidewater
Norfolk, VA

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