Checking mail for viruses

Checking mail for viruses

Post by Jura » Sat, 01 Sep 2001 00:31:05

Our mail server is Solaris (on Intel) with postfix as mail server. We don't
have commercial anti-virus software for Solairs, but for Windows NT (Sophos
and McAffee).
Is it possible to send incoming mail file to NT machine for virus checking
and if it's clean, to save it back in user mailbox. It should be an
automated process.
How can I use an NT antivirus software to check email before it get to the
end user.
We have an old copy of Virus-Scan antivirus software but it's really old and
we don't have support for it anymore.
Any ideas ?



Checking mail for viruses

Post by P Lanvi » Tue, 11 Sep 2001 22:37:30

> In addition, the virus scanning isn't even current.  So what's the point?

Well.. I'd rather not relay any viruses, current or not. Would you?




Checking mail for viruses

Post by KM » Tue, 11 Sep 2001 23:33:27

Try Symantec's Norton Anti Virus 2.5 for Gateways:

you'll have to request a copy...there is no "try it" link there...they
have a solaris client...trend micro has a client as well -

good luck!



1. How can I check mail delivery is success when using other mail server inside ISP?


I have two general users, one uses other mail server and the other ISP's mail server.
My question is how do I setup sendmail for using other mail server.  Currently, I use Mutt as mail client and Mutt calls sendmail as the MTA.  The sendmail doesn't run as a daemon.
The Linux box I use is inside a Linux router which do IP mascerading for sharing the cable modem. :)

ISP's mail server: (support POP3 and SMTP server)
other mail server: (support POP3, IMAP and SMTP server)

I got some weird stuff about sending e-mail.  The problem is e-mail delivery takes too long and sometimes, the outgoing mails seem to disappear. Sometimes, I get complaint from others "Why don't send e-mail?" even though I replied to them days ago.  

So, I sent test mails yesterday to my e-mail address in (it's POP3, IMAP support). The real mail server name is different though. I've not yet received e-mail from the sender,especially from me. Is it possible to receive e-mails after waiting hours?

The ISP that I use provides POP3 mail server,
Do I have to put as a relay mail server in /etc/
The below is the current relay host setting in file.

        # "Smart" relay host (may be null)

I've untouched /etc/ because mail receiving and sending was just fine using the Mutt. Furthermore, the sendmail already installed by the Linux distribution, called MIZI Linux,I use.  

I used to check the outgoing mails putting my e-mail address at Bcc or CC field when I sent e-mail. Is there any method to check mail delivery?

And, if the outgoing mail disappeared how can I solve it at least in my part, not the mail server?

Thanks in advance,


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