Sequential Redundant Spooling (remote queue that is a remote queue)

Sequential Redundant Spooling (remote queue that is a remote queue)

Post by Jeff Franc » Thu, 09 Jan 1997 04:00:00

I have a XCd print queue box plugged into a Tek printer and three
Suns.  The XCd box acts as a Unix host with the Tek connected to its
printer port.  The Suns are named c1, c2, & c3 (for discussion).  The
c1 system acts as the main host (serving software, etc.).  The XCd box
cannot handle too many systems trying to talk to it, so I set it up on
c1 as a remote queue.  My hope was to have c1 be the funnel point for
data so only one system was talking to the XCd box.  The c2 and c3
system will spool to the c1 system first then dump to the XCd.  The
GUI admintool asks for the remote host name and the name of the LOCAL
queue name on that remote host.  This not my case.  I want to call out
a remote queue that is a remote queue.  Suggestionsare greatly
appreciated.  (email)

Jeff Francis


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        Question for anyone out there: we have a number of RS/6000's that we
want to be able to use network printers with. The network printers are
served by hosts using the LPR/LPD client/server protocol. The problem: I've
attempted configuring a remote print queue via SMIT, but when I check the
status of the queue with enq, the queue is reported down.

        Doing a ping to the server machine works, and we have NFS services
between a number of the sever machines and the RS/6000's, so I can't see
that TCP/IP is the problem. Has anyone else had similar problems, or am
I missing something really basic?

        config notes:

        AIX v3.1
        using filters bsdshort and bsdlong
        backend rembak -N as the documentation says is necessary.

        Andrew Orndorff
        NHTSA Data Center

        UUCP:           ...!uunet!dcatlas!drewo

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