SunOS 4.1.x or Solaris 2.x?

SunOS 4.1.x or Solaris 2.x?

Post by John Blankensh » Fri, 27 Sep 1996 04:00:00

Quick question to those in the know (I've only worked with SS10 & SS20's
before, so I'm a little out of my range of expertise w/ this): is it a
good idea, performance-wise, to install Solaris 2.4/5/5.1 on a
SparcStation 2 w/ only 32 megs of RAM, or is it a better idea to just
leave it w/ SunOS 4.1.1/3/4 ?

Please respond via email.

Thanks for the time,



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      I have pre-built third party libraries from sunos 4.1.x. They were
built on that version of the OS.
Now, when I link new programs on sunos 5.x and above, Iam unable to link
these old libs, because the linker complains about the format of these
old libs. Is there a way to make them work on sunos 5.x and above ?
I have no sources for these third party libs.

Second, iam able to build executables on sunos 4.1.x successfully with
these old libs and the the binaries work nicely on sunos 4.1.x, but
crash on sunos 5.x and above. Is there a solution other than getting the
latest version of these libs ?


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