HELP: can not "su -l root" for superuser login!

HELP: can not "su -l root" for superuser login!

Post by 29us » Mon, 07 Mar 1994 07:27:19

This is a stupid question to you all.
I recently changed super user password ,and then when I tried to
log in as a super user with "su" after a couple of hours later,
it won't let me be so. I  don't know what happened. I was being very
careful in typing the new super user password.
Could it be related to password-aging unwillingly set to "root" account?

How can I recover from this ? I thought about booting the system
from CDROM, but I forgot exactly how it works..

Thanks a lot in advance,


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i just upgraded from Mandrake 8.0 to 8.2

I have a silly problem : I can log as Joeuser, but not as root !
(invalid password !)
However, when I "su" at console, it gets my passwrd allright ...

Any1 have seen this issue ?

Thanks for any clue.

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