problem with Xsun, SunOS 5.1.1

problem with Xsun, SunOS 5.1.1

Post by Noel Hun » Fri, 19 Dec 1997 04:00:00

We have been witnessing some strange behaviour on Sun consoles.  The
symptom was a very rapid flickering when an expose event was sent to a
X client. A redraw was happening but was extremely slow, seeming to
consist of hundreds of redraws of individual rows of pixels. The users
who first saw this at first thought they had narrowed it down to when
an window was obscured by a shaped pixmap and then exposed, but they
have seen it happen in other cases now. We also thought there might be
some relationship with default visual (these are 24bit fb devices). One
user has an Ultra with two displays, the second driven by a cgsix.
These problems don't occur on that.

Has anyone seen this or know what is causing it?


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