DDI/DKI kernel functions for current time

DDI/DKI kernel functions for current time

Post by Amit W Kum » Fri, 26 Aug 1994 01:10:51

I'm trying to timestamp packets going out through my FDDI driver, but I
can't find any kernel functions to do this. I need to retrieve the
current time (similar to what gettimeofday() in the C lib would return
-- seconds + microseconds since an arbitrary reference point). Our
system is running Solaris 2.3.

I found functions to convert usec to Hz and vice versa, so there's got
to be some function that'll return time in either of these units. And
yeah, I need, at least, microsecond granularity.

csos3> uname -a
SunOS csos3 5.3 Generic sun4m sparc

Any help would be appreciated. Any ideas on timing delays for packets
being sent from user level to the driver would be helpful too.

Thanks in advance.