(Legato) Networker Backup - memory issue?

(Legato) Networker Backup - memory issue?

Post by Richard Yate » Wed, 24 Jul 2002 18:52:40

Has anyone seen this problem, or anything like it:

Networker tries to unload a tape. Due to a hardware problem with the
drive, it can't. A "nsrd: media info: unload error" message is logged,
then "nsrd: media info: unload retry" (twice). These messages are
repeated hundreds of times, then the message:

    nsrd: Jukebox 'rd=hostname:jboxname' failed: Drive has been
          disabled due to too many attempt in reading a bad tape.
          Failed unloading slot '8' in drive        
'rd=hostname:/dev/rmt/1cbn'.  Please re-enable the drive.

is logged. Here, the heavy schedule of backups continues without
this tape drive. Unfortunately, some two hundred-odd Networker
processes (I got this information second-hand, but I think they
were index saves) pile up, and the system eventually runs out of
virtual memory, at which point things begin to wobble. So, what
was happening?

Any helpful thoughts on what was happening/fixes/workarounds will
be read very gratefully!