Core dump and setuid-root

Core dump and setuid-root

Post by Simon Pry » Wed, 25 Jun 1997 04:00:00

I am trying to get a setuid-root process to core dump when
calling abort() or receiving "core" signals (Solaris 2.5).

Under Solaris 2.5, man core(4) says:

     A process with an effective user ID different from the
     real user ID will not produce a core image.

This indeed seems to be the case.

If, in the setuid-root program, after I've done all the
necessary "root" functionality, I reset the euid to ruid with:


I still do not get a core dump if I send it a "core" action
signal. Despite "ps" and "/usr/proc/bin/pcred" showing that
euid == ruid.

All the write persmissions in directories & ulimits, etc,
are okay.

A get a core if I remove the "setuid-root" bit and then send
it a "core" signal (eg kill -4 <pid>).

Does anyone know any other "setuid-root" reasons why a core
file is not dumped?



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1. dump core or not dump core


Some of my programs dump core, others don't. I tried
it on RedHat 6.1 and Mandrake 7.0 with kernels 2.2.14
and 2.2.15. I tried tcsh and bash with coredumpsize
set to 1GB. It seems to be application specific.

Is there any other criteria when suppressing apart from
the type of signal and the size limitation?
The application that doesn't dump core contains signal
handlers for some signals, but not for SEGV or ABRT.



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