Weird behavior after flash install (CDE terminal window doesn't work!)

Weird behavior after flash install (CDE terminal window doesn't work!)

Post by DOUGLAS HEESTA » Thu, 25 Nov 2004 12:19:01

I installed a Solaris system from a flash archive (Solaris 8 ->
Sunblade 150) and it seemed to go fine.  THe main problem is that when
I go to a CDE terminal window on the new system and type "ls" I don't
get any response...

#ps -a

I tried it in bash and got the same result (my default shell is csh).
I have verified using the file manager app in CDE that there are lots
of files there to list and the ls command works if I telnet into the
machine from somewhere else (for one user at least, not for others).
Oddly, some commands do yield screen output from CDE terminal like pwd
(see above) and df -k.  "ps -a" does not yield any output but it does
from a telnet session.  What the heck is going on!!!


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