Problem with PGX64

Problem with PGX64

Post by Tommy Fallse » Tue, 22 Jul 2003 22:23:43

Got an strange problem with a PGX64 frame buffer, during bootup and in cli
mode everything
looks fine, but as soon as dtlogin starts and when i login everything looks
garbled ,chunks of graphic
pasted on different places on the screen. The machine is a Sunblade 150
running Solaris 8 2/02, the X server is run without any special options.
This machine got two PGX64 cards and when i switch to the other card
everything is fine. Has the frame buffer gone bad?



1. PGX64 problems

Hi gang.

I have an Ultra60 with two Elite3D framebuffers, two SunPCI-II boards,
and a PCI ethernet board. I recently added a PGX64 to the last remaining
open slot, the 64-bit PCI slot. After a boot -r, I am able to use
m64config to manipulate the display with no problems.

I added '-dev /dev/fb2' to my Xsun config, and Xsun didn't start. After a
few days of playing with this and that, I was able to get Xsun to start,
but only after I had logged in via the command line, used m64config to
manipulate the PGX64 in some way, and exited from the command line,
restarting Xsun. Then it worked.

Ok. So I moved the PGX64 from the 64-bit PCI slot to a 32-bit PCI slot,
and put the ethernet PCI card in its place. Now I was able to get Xsun to
work fine -- it would start on all three displays. That worked... Three
times. After two reboots, it kept working.

Now, one reboot later, I am back to square one -- three diplays showing
all white with a login prompt only appearing on /dev/fb0 after I hit
<enter> -- Xsun is, once again, not starting.

This is Solaris 8, fully patched. I had posted to comp.sys.sun.hardware
a few days ago and got some advice about PCI probe order, but I have
there was no mention of this in the PGX64 manual, and the PGX32 manual
to which I was directed did not seem to have what I need.  

Any advice?


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