3com install

3com install

Post by Ali » Sat, 17 Feb 2001 04:06:29

I have a 3com905B XL PCI ethernet card. And I can see in "/var/adm/messages"
this card with elxl0.
But if  I input ifconfig -a, it gives only "loclahost".
How can I dies card install correctly.

1. Help! Kernel panicing after 3com install

My apologies if this has been covered already...

At work I run a dual boot Dos/NT & Linux UMSDOS system.
They (PC admin's) went around installing 3com 509 cards
in everyone's machines here at work.  (So we could run
MS Exchange - ick.)

Anyway, after the install of the card, NT works fine, but now
I get lots of kernel panics and 'halting interrupt driver'
errors when I boot Linux.  This happens right about at the
spot where it starts running through the /etc/rc.d/rc.inet2
setup (Slackware 3.0).  I moved the rc.inet2 file away to see if
at least it would boot and I still get panics when I try
logging in to the console prompt.  This has rendered the
machine totally useless until I find out how to fix it.

(I cannot recompile the kernel because I cannot boot the machine.)

I can boot from an emergency floppy, but only if I don't mount
the hard drive with all my stuff as root. (not very useful).

Other info about the setup:
    Kernel:  the "aha2940" kernel from Slackware 3.0
    Machine: Pentium with a dual purpose PCI/ISA slots.
    3com card: 509 (ISA) [ this is the only 'new' feature - it used to work.]
    filesystem: UMSDOS (Work won't let me re-partition it)

Am I the only one with this problem?

Tonight when I go home I'll try compiling a kernel for it on
another machine - but I don't know how well that'll go.

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