Can't turn cookie warnings off

Can't turn cookie warnings off

Post by Randy Rokos » Wed, 26 Sep 2001 00:23:58

I'm using the version of Netscape (4.7) that comes with the version of
CDE that comes with Solaris 8.

"Suddenly" the option to "Accept all cookies" is greyed out, and I'm
being asked repeatedly if I will accept cookies from various sites I'm
going to.  How can I enable this when the option is unavailable?  Also,
what might cause this to happen, as I had them enabled before, done by
using a button that wasn't greyed out at the time.



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1. Howto turn off X's MIT_Magic Cookies?

I know it's all for the sake of security. But this is a home PC we're
talking about, hardly gets on the net except for a serial dial up to a
free public library access account. WHo am I kidding?

That's why I am enabling alogin so that it boots to 4 virtual consoles
without having to log on. Unfortunately, startx won't work because of
these Magic Cookies. Is there a way to turn them off and force X to come up?

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