Laser printer Vs Line printer

Laser printer Vs Line printer

Post by Tikkana Akura » Thu, 29 Sep 1994 02:12:07

Currently we are using a laser jet 4si (HP) to meet our printing needs.
As the number of users keep growing we started to print a lot of pages
which usually gets thrown away into a dust bin after a look or so.

Right now we print around 25,000 pages/month.

Can you please giving me some input on the following:

1. How much will a line printer cost?

2. Is it going to be cost effective to purchase one?

3. How much space will they occupy?

4. How much of human attention is required to maintain it?


- Tikkana


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I want to buy a printer, probably a personal laser printer
(although I might consider ink jets), and am looking for a good one.

Does anyone know if I would be able to use the
NEC Superscript 860 laser printer with linux?

This laser printer uses the Adobe Printgear printer description language
instead of PCL or postscript.  I can't afford to buy a postscript
printer, but I know that ghostscript would allow me to convert from
PCL to postscript and back.

Any other advice would be welcomed.
Thanks for your help.

Meredith Goldsmith

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