need help, porting xview3.2 to bsd/386

need help, porting xview3.2 to bsd/386

Post by Muharem Hrnjadov » Wed, 10 Nov 1993 01:28:41

I know that SUN's xview tookit (version 3.2) has been ported to
Linux. Now I am trying to do the same for my home machine running
After some modifications the toolkit compiles, but when I try to
link the very first client (clock) I get linker errors telling me
that the following functions are not being there:

  tfind(), tsearch(), tdelete(), compile() and step()

It would be very nice if the kind soul that ported the xview toolkit
(or somebody else) could post the respective sources here or email them
to me or give me a pointer where I can find them.

thank you for your time,
kind regards,

  -- Muharem Hrnjadovic